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Hello! I'm Lilith. I was born in Italy in a family of artists; from poetry to painting to shoe designing, I've been learning a bit of everything since I was very young.I owe a lot to my mother who introduced me to face painting when i was 15; we worked together at the Carnival of Venice where we also learned from other national artists improving every year.

Since I moved to London I've been working at Notting Hill Carnival, Reading Festival, Glastonbury Festival and some local fairs. I also paint at birthday parties and other children events for libraries, schools and playgroups.

For the past four years I've worked with the Lambeth Summer Project, a programme of activities for young people including a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and workshops. One of them was my face painting workshop where I tought children, from 9 to 16 years old, how to face paint.
You can now see a separete web page with pictures of what they've achieved in just a few weeks.


And these are my son Felan and his friend Elias, defenitely enjoying the magic of face painting!

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